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 Nova Drawings by jbotdrawings

excited nova by jbotdrawings

What is it:

The Creator Nation is an online community that supports indie project creators ! By sharing resources, promoting each other and having a healthy community! In this website, you will find project bios with information. This is meant to be kind of like a directory of independent art/animation projects!

support indie nova by jbotdrawings

how to help?


At the moment, only one person is running everything! So I could use the help paying for the website so that there are no ads, all the money will go to paying and improving the site!


if you made any art resources that you feel would benefit the independent creation community, you can feel free to links to my email at

you can also follow us on social media and spread the word! 

How to get
on the page?

Please fill out the google form below. You must be 16+ and the project must be original (no fan projects) with some form of art (comics, animation, games, etc) 

if you want any changes or see an error, please contact

nova laughing by jbotdrawings
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