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Indie Projects (13-18)

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Hey everyone! Sailor here with a minor update for The Orthos Family Project!

Progress on the project has been doing good so far, and we have been getting a bunch of questions on our tumblr ask blog too! (We got a fan haha) But as of recently, we had to remove a mod of ours from the team due to inactivity and we're now looking for an artist to help out with drawing ask doodles for the tumblr blog!

Below will be a google forms link for applications, these will be open for a while so there's no need to worry about a deadline! But other than that, we're open for some help and it'd be greatly appreciated!

I'll get back into sharing the rest of the family soon, but for now thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful day / night!

Link to the Project Team Applications!


Projects that are safe for ages 13-18 here.


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