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Indie Projects (13-18)

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Jasper is a light green colored cat boy who uses a baseball bat as a weapon and wears a green hoodie. He’ll sometimes play pranks and likes daring people. He seems to be a carefree person, but he’ll sometimes have random questions and sometimes deep thoughts. He sometimes has a dark sense of humor but sometimes wonders if it’s ok to joke about tragic things. Jasper is the fourth and final main character of Voyage Dog.

Jasper’s Likes/Wonders:


Being mischievous

Dark Humor

Drawing out his thoughts sometimes


Jasper’s Dislikes:

Tennis (he’s not good at it and also hates the sport because he used get hit by the ball every time he played or went to a tennis match with his parents.)

The News (he hates how every broadcast is always depressing and calls it The Depression Channel.)


Piper (thinks of her as a role model/ big sister)

Hazel (friend)

Skye (thinks of her as a friendly rival)

Copper (friend)


Projects that are safe for ages 13-18 here.


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