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Indie Projects (13-18)

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Hazel is a teenage light brown rabbit who wears a light blue bow and practices kung fu. She lives in a village with other multi colored rabbits that is literally on top of the trees along with her grandma and little brother, Koey. After finding a mysterious map about the Crystal Suns hidden in her grandmother’s house, she decides to find out what the map is all about by going to a map store in Scumberg. She’s the second main character of Voyage Dog.

She runs into Copper after dealing with The Explosio Trio and after Talon tells the both of them the backstory of the Crystal Suns they head off to their adventure. Hazel is also somewhat snarky but will have a sympathetic side sometimes.

Hazel’s Likes:

Exploring but is a little more cautious than Copper

Solving Puzzles and Riddles

Hazel’s Dislikes:

The Explosio Trio

Egotistical people (She’ll sometimes be snarky towards Skye)


Copper (friend)

Skye (is snarky towards her at first but would start to get along with her later on during the 1st season arc)

Jasper (friend)

Betsy (close friend)

Koey (younger sibling)


Projects that are safe for ages 13-18 here.


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