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My username is Johnnywriter and I’m fundraising a 5 minute pilot for an upcoming adventure-comedy series called Voyage Dog on Gofundme.

Season Structure:

Each season will have a story arc. For example, Season 1’s arc is called Secret of the Crystal Suns and it’ll first start out with Copper and Hazel with Skye and Jasper appearing in the later episodes. The main villains of this season are the Mysterious Client, a black shadowy figure who resembles a human man and the Explosio Trio, a trio of hooded characters who are working for the Mysterious Client and are trying to steal the Crystal Suns from the main characters.

The Show’s Audience and Writing/Tone:

This show will be aimed towards a broad online audience. There’ll be some mild curse words like “crap” and “jackass” but nothing too vulgar. There’ll be some visual humor with character expressions, and some dark humor in the show. The show would probably be rated PG.

The Art/Animation Style:

The art style of this pilot and the show would have a simple but still cartoony style. The series will have an animation style that’ll replicate the paper cut out animation aesthetic similar to South Park but it would have its own style and charm. CorelDRAW or Photoshop could be used to make the characters and backgrounds resemble construction paper cut outs and Flash would be used to do the animation.

I’ve found a legit animation studio, a few Casting Call Club voice actors for the characters and a SoundCloud composer for the pilot. All I need is the funding for the pilot.

Here’s the link to the fundraising page if anyone would be interested in helping me donate or share it:

Please only donate to the gofundme, because that would be a lot more easier to manage on one site than PayPal or other payment apps.

My Twitter and Tumblr link to follow along the project: and


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