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Indie Projects (13-18)

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Next Character introduction and it's the first son of The Orthos Family, Crane! My personal favorite ❤️

Once again, check out the co-owner and my best friend @//InfernalJade on Twitter, and find The Orthos Family project in the Indie Directory!

〝Moving from Samhe and Willo now comes the children. The first son of the family, Crane Orthos is the eldest of The Orthos Family children. He was raised by Samhe under a golden child influence, which developed his personality into that of pride an arrogance.

There are days where he's selfish, yet this doesn't mean Crane is completely heartless. He cares deep down for those close to him, whether it'd be his family or close friends (assuming he even has any friends). In his spare time, Crane likes to practice his sword fighting skills alongside writing down stuff in his private journal.〞


Projects that are safe for ages 13-18 here.


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