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Indie Projects (13-18)

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Skye is is a teenage purple duck who wears a dark blue coat and uses her feathers that have needles on them as an attack. She acts egotistical about her flight skills but actually has insecurities about herself and hides it by acting cocky. She also owns a diary to vent her frustrations. She’s the third main character of Voyage Dog.

Skye’s Likes/Motivations:

Bragging about her skills

Wants to better her flight skills so she’ll be famous just like her father

Being Competitive

Skye’s Dislikes/Fears/Insecurities:

Hazel’s attitude towards her

Jasper’s pranks

Being claustrophobic

Disappointing her father


Her father (good)

Copper (friend)

Hazel (annoyed with her at first but gets along with her later on)

Jasper (hates him at first but they both start getting along)


Projects that are safe for ages 13-18 here.


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