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Indie Projects (13-18)

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Hey everyone! I realize that I haven't shared a lot to explain the plot of my project The Orthos Family, especially the characters!

So, this is a post containing character descriptions of the main characters with my project! I really hope everyone enjoys what each of these characters bring to the table, and I'm also open for questions / critisism of any kind so long as its good!

With that, we'll start off with our first character and then gradually share the rest of the family!

"The Patriarch and Father of The Orthos Family, Samhe (pronounced saw-way) Orthos has lived through much history and hell that the turnip headed spirit has grown tired over these last generations.

He's often reserved to himself, but his cold and what almost feels like emotionless attitude can make the hairs of anyone who sees him stand up instantly. He's not used to the world and how much it's changed, even outside of Samhvilia.

His personality is that of a strict father, a tough and cold attitude to show he means business. In his spare time, Samhe likes writing in his room or reading a gothic book to himself."

Below is a fullbody picture, a doodle, and color palette sheet (I'm not the best creating these sheets), alongside a narrated video with a bonus voice claim. All art was done by my buddy and co-owner @//InfernalJade on Twitter, who I really recommend supporting. :)


Projects that are safe for ages 13-18 here.


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