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Creator Nation Blog #1: Meet the Author

Happy Pride Month, fellow Creator Nation!

Allow me to introduce myself.

The latine person with the black long hair with the pink glasses and cochlear implant. They are wearing the pastel purple and blue jeans. They are looking at the viewer with their left hand supporting their chin, they are currently drawing a girl on their drawing tablet propped up. Their room contains the pastel white desk with the drawers. On their left, they have a gray book and water pitcher. On the wall, they have Star Wars poster and rainbow pastel posters and various papers. The calendar is also propped up.
Jocelyn here!

I am Jocelyn Saravia, the creator of Corrupted Memories and the blogger on Jocelyn's Art Bulletin, where I tend to type my personal op-ed on the indie industry in general and spotlight only on indie animated projects every Tuesday.

I am a deaf artist who is very involved in the animation industry, and I did many things backstage in the indie industry. I have made a lot of friends, acquaintances, and fellow creatives.

As an interviewer, consultant, and artist, I have touched on a few projects in many ways. You name it; I probably had been there.

Not the popular indie stuff, haha, no way! Creator Nation invited me to start blogging here as well! Starting every Friday!

I want to focus more on the broad indie genre with indie creatives and projects in general. This blog will also be more open to indie comics, etc. Not just on indie animation!

With indie comics, I think it's interesting that we tend to see what fellow comic artists have been putting out. It's hard work, making your story work in artistic vision and editing it accordingly to ensure the story and art are consistent. I want to talk with the comic creators and allow them to have a place to share their stories with the world in this blog.

With other indie-made mediums (excluding the games, there's a thriving industry, and this is more of the starting here), I would like to learn about it!

So what's the deal here?

This blog is comprehensive, focusing on the indie industry in general. Not just in animation. In comics, other projects, such as audio dramas.

What about indie animation for this blog? Will it be the same here as "Jocelyn's Art Bulletin"?

Good question! Indie animation is very close to my heart, so I write about it on my blog, but it's mostly my opinion and my gripes on it.

Here on Creator Nation, I want to be more positive and a place where we can discuss indie stuff here! I want to share every project added on Creator Nation so we can maintain this site! I tend to write more information and research with the creator personally so we can cater the show to you. Think of something of IMDB in sort...? Let's see.

Back to the point...ask me the questions later!

I would love to hear out your ideas for the Creator Nation blog. This first post is more of me getting settled here. Making this my other place to hang and blab about indie stuff! Lovin them all.

I would like to personally thank Damain for inviting me here to share my ideas, concept, and plans for this fantastic blog. We will transform something unique together for this indie industry.

My only hope is to make creatives stronger, supported, and thriving despite everything.

Supporting our art mediums, appreciating things that they are, and learning how to make them happen.

With this blog, I might educate, teach, or inform you of things happening in Creator Nation.

Just stay with me, and I will take you for the ride!

Thank you.

- Signed,

Jocelyn <3 (heart text emoticon)

Follow Jocelyn here on their social media:

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