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Creator Nation Monthly Updates (June 11)

It's been a busy month for Creator nation, We added lots of new features and changes to the site and there is more to come!! We are celebrating Pride month with a new site design! I also added a title page for easy access to news and new features!

The Indie Pride Gallery

For pride month, We opened up a Indie pride gallery! This Gallery show cases authors notes about being part of the LGBTQA+ community as well as wonderful art! You can submit your art here:

The Events Calendar

We opened up an events calendar for indie projects. In this calendar, you can submit events for anything indie! Discord game nights, Q & A, Premieres and Kickstarter! You can submit events here:

The Indie Job Board

Do you have an Paid/Volunteer job for a indie project? An opportunity you want to share? you can post all about it on our job board! You have to login to use it so heads up! Submit your jobs here:

Our Creator Nation Blog!

We have a new blog! It will be written By the wonderful Jocelyn Saravia , Author of the "My Thoughts on Indie Animation" blog! You can check it out here:

Where to look for updates?

I will be opening up a category on our blog section on the site for smaller updates and changes to the site. All the major features will be given in a monthly post but for faster updates I would check out our blog here or our twitter. I will also be posting some Creator nation official art on here as well! so stay tune!

That is all! keep being wonderful! keep creating Creator nation!

- Damian Tdc/aka_outlet

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